2017 Reading Challenge


THIS WILL BE THE YEAR! I plan to complete at least one reading challenge in 2017, and I've selected the 2017 Reading Challenge hosted by independent media and technology company for women, POPSUGAR.

Their challenge is made up of 40 book prompts that promise "to help diversify and expand your reading in the new year".  Since I tend to stay in the fantasy/sci-fi realm, so I'm excited to get started expanding my horizons with their guidance.  They also added an advanced section with 12 additional book prompts for “hardcore readers”— A.K.A. those who finish the initial 40 books early.

As my Goodreads goal for the year is already 50 books, I’m going for the full 52!

Feel like participating? Great! There's a Goodreads group that you can join to talk with like-minded folks, like myself, about your progress. And don't forget to create Goodreads shelf. Lastly, for those who'd rather track your progress on pen & paper, POPSUGAR also got you covered! You can download their printable and get all of the details from their original post.

 So let's begin...

My Progess:

  • Recommended by a Librarian:
  • Been on Your TBR List Way Too Long: Beat (Hayden Glass #2) by Stephen Jay Schwartz 
  • Book of Letters:
  • Audiobook: Take Me On (Pushing the Limits #4) by Katie McGarry
  • Book by a Person of Color:
  • One of the Four Seasons in the Title:
  • Book That is a Story Within a Story:
  • Book With Multiple Authors:
  • Espionage Thriller:
  • Cat on the Cover:
  • By an Author Who Uses a Pseudonym: Naked in Death (In Death #1) by J.D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)
  • Bestseller From a Genre You Don't Normally Read: 
  • By or About a Person Who Has a Disability:
  • Book Involving Travel:
  • Book With A Subtitle:
  • Published in 2017:
  • Book Involving a Mythical Creature:
  • Book You've Read Before That Never Fails to Make You Smile:
  • Book About Food:
  • Book With Career Advice:
  • Book From a Nonhuman Perspective:
  • Steampunk Novel:
  • Book With a Red Spine:
  • Book Set in the Wilderness:
  • Book You Loved as a Child:
  • By an Author From a Country You've Never Visited: Burned (Alex Verus #7) by Benedict Jacka (Jacka is from the United Kingdom)
  • Title That's a Character's Name:
  • Novel Set During Wartime:
  • Book With an Unreliable Narrator:
  • Book With Pictures:
  • Book with Main Character Who is a Different Ethnicity From You: Veiled (Alex Verus #6) by Benedict Jacka (Alex is Caucasian)
  • Book About an Interesting Woman:
  • Book Set in Two Different Time Periods:
  • Month or Day of the Week in the Title:
  • Set in a Hotel:
  • Written By Someone You Admire:
  • Book Becoming a Movie in 2017:
  • Book Set Around a Holiday Other Than Christmas:
  • 1st Book in a Series You Haven't Read Before:
  • A Book You Bought on a Trip:


  • Book Recommended by an Author You Love:
  • Bestseller From 2016:
  • Family Member Term in the Title:
  • Takes Place Over a Character's Life Span:
  • About an Immigrant or Refugee:
  • From a Genre/Subgenre You've Never Heard of:
  • Book With an Eccentric Character:
  • Book That's More Than 800 Pages:
  • Book Yo Got From a Used Book Sale:
  • Book That's Mentioned in Another Book:
  • Book About a Difficult Topic:
  • Book Based on Mythology:

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