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Book Review: White Trash Zombie Apocalypse by Diana Rowland

Book Series: White Trash Zombie, Book #3
Author: Diana Rowland
Genres: Urban Fantasy
Format: Audiobook (Amazon)
Narrator: Allison McLemore
Length: 09 hrs and 30 mins

My Ranking:

Our favorite white trash zombie, Angel Crawford, has enough problems of her own, what with dealing with her alcoholic, deadbeat dad, issues with her not-quite boyfriend, the zombie mafia, industrial espionage and evil corporations. Oh, and it’s raining, and won’t let up.

But things get even crazier when a zombie movie starts filming in town, and Angel begins to suspect that it’s not just the plot of the movie that's rotten. Soon she's fighting her way through mud, blood, bullets and intrigue, even as zombies, both real and fake, prowl the streets.

Angel’s been through more than her share of crap, but this time she’s in way over her head. She’ll need plenty of brainpower to fit all the pieces—and body parts—together in order to save herself, her town, and quite possibly the human race.

I enjoy this series a lot. I think that Rowland's take on Zombies is genius and love her interpretation so much more than the typical rotting, shuffling, brainless variety of zombie. I tend to stay away from those types of books. I think this is part of why I appreciate this series so much. There's a real explanation for Rowland's zombies and I find the scientific tidbits that delve into the nature and nurture of the zombie parasite very interesting.

That said, I wasn't too sure of this book when I first started it because there was a lot going on ... .almost too much. So much so that through the first half of the book, I found the plot to be a jumbled mess. There's the Zombie Apocalypse movie, Angel's job at the coroners office, her looming GED test, Angel's "zombie mama" drama, the zombie mafia and corporate espionage, and  even more ... it was a lot to experience. I often found myself wondering where this story was going to end up.

But, by the end, it felt like Rowland had build a stable enough bridge - dragging across that big-ass plot - and tied up all loose ends satisfactorily. Overall, I felt that the book started with us seeing the last of Angel's super white trash past and ended with us seeing Angel take her first steps into her future as the better zombie version of her self. i really appreciated her journey, and also that Rowland took the whole book to jump forward into the future with Angel and the gang instead of just smacking me in the face with "6 months have past and this is what happened" opening chapter.

Speaking of her gang - I really love all of the supporting characters in this book. I think that is part of what makes this story so interesting. All of the characters are pretty well developed - I really like Brian. I think in this book, Angel finds her place among new and old friends and her new zombified life. I dug it.

Also, I enjoyed how this book delved deeper into Pietro's operation and the "zombie corporate rivalry" was in full force. I found all of those bits and pieces most interesting, and think that this will definitely help the story move along leaps and bounds as Angel gets further entangled in that web.

I will definitely be carrying on with this series.

I think Allison does an amazing job with this series. She brings so much energy, life and enthusiasm to Angel; I was surprised that her "typical narration" voice sounds more like the more serious characters in the story. If I had to single someone out, I'd say she sounds most like her portrayal of Brian. That said, I think she brings just the right amount of spunk and sass to Angel and it makes for a very enjoyable read every time!

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