Saturday, July 19, 2014

I'm Still Here!!!

It's been a while since my blog has gotten some love, but I'm still here. Right now, I'm having some major issues with my internet service. As of now, it's off. It's been about two weeks. Updating my blog through an app on my phone, like I am now, is too hard. So I'm taking a bit of a breather. But, what I also am experiencing is feeling refreshed from being unplugged. I'm reading more and catching up with friends more ... I might be a little addicted to the net. So I am dragging my feet in going back online. But I will be back! I love NESS and I think about all the love she's not getting... Makes me sad.

Also, I am focusing on making positive changes for me. I've been on the larger side of the scale for most of my life and I'm done with that! Since May 9th, I've joined Weight Watchers, changed my eating habits and incorporated exercise. As of yesterday, I've lost 23.4 lbs, a dress size and my chubby cheeks! And I won't be blogging about that journey here; I do that on the WW site. If any of you out there are on it and wanna be WW friends, shoot me an email!

Anyway, I wanted to send this out before you all start unfollowing me. I'll be back, for sure!!! :)

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