Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: How Do You Read Book Series

I created Thoughtful Thursday, because bookish thoughts kept popping up in my mind while reading, and I wanted to explore these questions and get your opinions too!

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This Week's Topic/Question

How do you read book series? (Do you read each book as it comes out? Do you wait for a few books to come out in a series before starting it? Do you wait until the entire series is out and marathon it? Do you reread all of the books that are currently out before you read the next one?)

My Answer:

I am far from having an A-personality and there are a few things that I am anal about. Actually, this is probably the only one. I will NEVER start a book series from the middle or the end. I have to start with Book #1. It's a moral imperative!

I don't think I that would have the self control to wait until each book of a series comes out, so I read each book as they come out. Also, my book kryptonite is spoilers. Yes, they really kill me! I want no one other than the author to tell me what happens next. Tell me a spoiler and be prepared for a definite angry face.

If it's a series that I love, yes, I tend to marathon read all the preceding books, again in order, before the release of the next book. No matter how long the series is. Yes, it's that serious! There are only two series that I've done this for consistently, which are Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files and Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling. Which is pretty hilarious considering they're the longest series that I've read at fifteen and thirteen books respectively after this year's releases. You'd think I'd reread a trilogy or two... 


  1. I am so shocked that you are re-reading a series. What about all the other books on the planet. LOL! I read from book #1 when I can too! Who would start in the middle? I mean come on. :)

    1. Think of it this way. I consider all my favorite series as friends I don't see often; but when I see them again ... I wonder why I've stayed away so long.

      Another way of seeing it would be to think of your favorite food, wine, candy, etc. Would you really be satisfied only having it once more in your entire life? Wouldn't you like rather back for seconds, thirds... twelfths?