Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: Organize Books Electonically?

Thoughtful Thursday was created to explore bookish thoughts! Each week, a new bookish thought is discussed -- so join in the fun! 

This Week's Topic/Question:
Do you organize your books electronically? How do you organize them?

My Answer:

Considering that I am not the most organized person in my normal life, it's ironic I am VERY organized when it comes to my electronic filing... obsessively so. Everything has a place and there's a place for everything.

On my hard drive here's a main "Books" folder and from there it follows this sorting convention:
  • STEP ONE - FORMAT TYPE:: Is it an audiobook? Is it an ebook? I keep each format type in it's own folder. 
  • STEP TWO - BOOK GENRE:: YA. Paranormal Romance. Urban Fantasy. Sci-Fi. That's the next level of sorting, with each genre having it's own folder within the book format's main folder.
  • STEP THREE - BOOK TYPE:: After placing in a book in the right genre folder, it's further separated from the pack on whether it's a standalone book, or if belongs to a series.
  • STEP THREE - NAMING CONVENTION:: I have to rename my books. Have to... am compelled to, must do! If the names don't go together cohesively, it angers me so. I name books the same way regardless of the format type; it's the book type that makes the difference and it's alphabetically-based by book/series title. If it's a standalone, the name of the book goes first followed by the author (i.e. Ready Player One - Ernie Cline). If it's part of the series, first comes the series name and position of the book, in parenthesis, followed by the title and lastly, the author's name ((The Dresden Files, Book 15) Skin Game - Jim Butcher).
This is isn't even the extent of my crazy. Music files are worse. I sort them in a similar fashion. But most of my music I get from soundtracks from television, anime, film and theater. Since I listen to everything on my iPod Classic (no I will not upgrade!), I must have an image to further define the file. And if I find a song I love from a television, anime, film or a theater performance, the image must be a screen capture from the moment it's playedracy or not. My soundtracks playlist is over 2,000 songs,and always growingyou best believe every single song has a corresponding image.

I've renamed all the music files i have, over 5,000, and I've got images (either album covers or soundtrack screen captures) for every single song. Oh yeah, did I mention I had to do this categorization process twice. My hard drive died on me and I had to re-acquire, re-name and re-image all my songs. It took me two weeks...  my best friend said I was insane.  


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