Thursday, June 12, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: My Favorite Type of Series

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This Week's Topic/Question:
There are lots of different types of series. For example, there are series that are just one long story (e.g., The Lord of the Rings), there are series that follow a character on a set of different adventures (e.g., The Dresden Files and The Sookie Stackhouse novels), and there are series that are a collection of stand alone novels all within the same universe (e.g., Star Wars Universe). What is your favorite type of series?

My Answer:

Great question! This is a bit of an easy one for me to answer, seeing as Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files is one of my favorite series ... period! But definitely, I much prefer series and/or trilogies that follow a central character. You get a real sense of who the character is, get to see them evolve and get to go on the journey right along side them. It's a good perspective.

But, I am also going to play devil's advocate ... against myself. Tied with my love for The Dresden Files is my other favorite Urban Fantasy series, Nalini Singh's Psy/Changeling series. This series combines the other two options, meaning that it's collection of stand-alone novels that technically are one long story. The series is currently 13 books long and told in a linear fashion. In each book, you encounter two main characters and learn how they fall in love, while a larger conflict in their world unfolds around them. In each book, the romance is as much in the foreground as it is in the background of the major conflict that the series' races -- Psys, Changelings & Humans -- are facing. Singh is a spectacular storyteller, so all of these elements flow together beautifully and smoothly! 

Hmm ... well actually now that I think about it one could actually go so far as to say that The Dresden Files is also told in a similar fashion, blending two types of series together. The series is about Harry Dresden, true, but there also is a central, underlying story that you learn more and more about book by book. It's all building towards one hell of a epic conclusion! Maybe that's a sign of an excellent series. It's not one-dimensional, it has many sides.

Or, maybe that's just what it takes to win me over, I don't know. I'm rambling... all done :) 

Myself and Jim @ his Skin Game Launch Party a few weeks ago!!!
Myself and Nalini @ her Heart of Obsidian Launch Party last year...

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