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Cover Characteristic: New Adult

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Each week we will post a characteristic and choose 5 of our favorite cover’s with that characteristic. 

Book Title: Naked
Author: Raine Miller (Twitter)
Why I Picked It: I really love everything about this cover. I'm a huge fan of light and shadow in photography, so it caught my attention immediately. I like that this looks more like a photograph then a book cover, since it's the male protagonist's profession.


Author: Kim Karr (Twitter)
Why I Picked It: Silhouettes are always sexy to me. This one is . One comment though about the male body position -- because the probably could have repositioned him just a smidgen. 'Cuz for a second, I kind of thought this was paranormal cover and that he was a satyr. I'm just saying. 

 Connected (Connections #1)

Book TitleHard to Love
Why I Picked It: Has pulling at a shirt ever looked so sexy. This cover just smacks you in the face with passion even though it's quite simple. I love the body position of both the man and the woman; I like all the light and shadow... it's just hot. 

 Hard to Love

Author: Katie McGarry (Twitter)
Why I Picked It: This was the first new adult book I've ever read, and I loved it so much, so I was compelled to pick it. Also, I love how everything is so stark and dark, except for Echo's blazing red hair. This book surprised me with how complex and difficult the characters lives were, and how love touched and saved them. It's incredible, actually.

 Pushing the Limits

Book SeriesContours of the Heart, Book #1
Author: Tammara Webber (Twitter)
Genre: New Adult
Length:  321 pagesRelease Date:  November 6, 2012

Night after night, Evan walked along the desolate beach, grieving over the loss of his son, drowned in an accident more than a year before. Then one night he was drawn to the luminous sound of a beautiful, naked woman singing near the shore in the moonlight. He watched mesmerized as the mysterious woman disappeared into the sea. Driven by desire and temptation, Evan returned to the spot every night until he found her again. Now he has begun a bizarre, otherworldly affair. A deadly affair. For Evan will soon realize that his seductive lover is a being far more evil…and more terrifying…than he ever imagined. He will learn the danger of falling into the clutches of the… SIREN.

Why I Picked It: This is my favorite book in the New Adult genre (so far). I've only read a few, but it doesn't matter. There's so much to love about this book -- the well-developed characters, the expertly-paced romance and everything else that comes with. And this cover is just as sweet as it is passionate. That's kind of how I felt about the book, as well.

I read this book a while back before my blog existed, so here's my review.

Easy (Contours of the Heart, #1)

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