Monday, April 6, 2015

Making Up for Monday: Read Anything...

Each week, there will be a book-related theme or game, or something fun to do that week. And you can play along! All you have to do is find the question for that week and write a post that day based on that question.

This Week's Topic/Question:
Do you have an author you will read anything they put out? 

My Answer:
I do. In fact, I have five! My favorite authors are Jim Butcher, Nalini Singh, Lorelei James, Molly and Richelle Mead. I've read (most of) at least one series for each. I've been incredibly lucky to have met all but Lorelei and they're all lovely people. I'll be happy to continue supporting their careers!

The Dresden Files series (Urban Fantasy)
I got introduced to Jim's books through The Dresden Files audiobooks, as they're narrated by Jim Marsters. As a former Buffy fan, how could I not listen to a series narrated by Spike?!?! It's become my favorite series and I'm all caught up (18 books so far).

Codex Alera series (High Fantasy)
I own all of the Codex Alera series, though haven't started it yet. I plan to start it this year.

The Cinder Spires series (Steampunk)
I'm so excited for The Cinder Spires (released this fall), as it will be my first Steampunk novel. Who better to introduce me to the genre!

Psy-Changeling series (Urban Fantasy)
This was the first audiobook series I ever listen to; they're amazing. I've finished the first story arch (12 books), but haven't started the next two books out. I own them of course. Soon... Hearts of Obsidian was a lot to take. Still coming down...

Guild Hunter series (Urban Fantasy)
I have the first audiobook to this series, and plan to start it after I'm all caught up on Psy-Changeling.

Rock Kiss series (Contemporary Romance)
I'll start this series soon. I'm curious to read something from Nalini that's not in the Urban Fantasy genre.

Blacktop Cowboys series (Western, Erotic Romance)
I got introduced to Lorelei through  this series as an Audible recommendation. So glad I took a chance on Western Romance. Who'd have known that I'd come to love learning Wyoming, Rodeos, the Ranching lifestyle and Cowboys. I never did, but I find all aspects fascinating. 

Rough Riders series (Western, Erotic Romance)
Since I loved Blacktop Cowboys, I checked out this series. Was curious to see if the Western love would continue... it did! I really like how this series was familial saga, focusing on generations the McKay clanI'm on Book #9 of 16.

Mastered series (Erotic Romance)
I've only read the first book in this series, but it was hot. I loved this series; I found learning about Kinbaku/Shibari (Japanese rope binding that's more artistic than sexual) was really interesting and Ronin Black was one hot Sensai. 

Jane Jameson series (Urban Fantasy)
I hadn't read any humorous or campy fantasy books, which I call "Urban Fantasy Light". Molly herself says she writes "Snarky Romance with a Bite". This was another Audible discovery and I'm so happy. Molly is hilarious

I'm also audiobook loyal when it comes to Molly's books; Amanda Ronconi has narrated ALL of her published works and it works! They're one hell of a dynamic duo

Half-Moon Hollow series (Urban Fantasy)
I was sad when it seemed like the Jane Jameson series ended, but was immediately cheered up when Molly continued to with this spinoff series, exploring Half Moon Hallow, the town in which all of Jane's shenanigans took place. I 

Naked Werewolf series (Urban Fantasy)
I prefer the Jane Jameson/Half Moon Hallow story lines, but this is also a fantastic series. I just finished the last published book in the series in January.

Bluegrass series (Contemporary Romance)
I have the first books. I'll get to these eventually.

Vampire Academy series & Vampire Academy series  (YA, Paranormal Romance)
I can be kind of a brat when things don't go my way in series. I'll just stop reading it; not because I no longer enjoy it. It's just so are different from what I expected, I refuse to get to the end. I didn't like where things were going with Dimitri, and I just stopped reading the second to the last book. Of course, I could have liked the way it ended, but eventually I''ll pick it up again. Spirit Bound keeps staring at my from my bookshelf...

Georgina Kincaid series (Urban Fantasy)
When I stopped reading VA, I decided to try this series and this is how I fell in love with her writing. OH MY GOSH, how I ship Georgina and Seth; Seth was my first book boyfriend.

Also, I call Richelle my "gateway author": this was the first non-YA book for me and my first Urban Fantasy book. How thankful I am is pretty obvious; I might never have discovered any of the above authors. 

Dark Swan series (Urban Fantasy)
I have finished all but the last book. But this time, a burst pipe in a storage unit drowned my copies a few years ago :(

Age of X series (Dystopian)
I've read most of the first book in the series; however, it was because I didn't like the narrator of the audiobook. No fault to the actual series. But I'll get around to reading my signed copy :)

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