Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: All Time Favorite Urban Fantasy Books

Top Ten Tuesday is weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, as they are "particularly fond of lists".
This Week's Topic:

Top Ten All Time Favorite Books in X Genre (you pick the genre!)

My Answer:

This is my very first post for this meme, yay! I specifically chose to start with this topic because it's easy. My genre selection will be my favorite to read  Urban Fantasy. Here are my picks:


Title:         Succubus Blues
Author:     Richelle Mead
Series:       Georgina Kincaid, Book #1

Succubus Blues

Had to start with this book, because it my "gateway drug" into the Urban Fantasy genre. Surprisingly enough, I stayed strictly a YA reader into my mid-20s. It wasn't until I discovered Mead's Vampire Academy series and got curious about what else she written and gave this book a whirl. After I read it, I was hooked on Mead and Urban Fantasy!


Title:         Heart of Obsidian
Author:     Nalini Singh
Series:       Psy/Changeling, Book #12
Narrator:  Angela Dawe

Heart of Obsidian

Anyone who's read the Psy/Changeling series knows she is a master storyteller. And this one just about broke my heart. It was the most tragically beautiful book I have ever read. Seriously.


Title:         Cold Days
Author:     Jim Butcher
Series:       The Dresden File, Book #14
Narrator:  James Marsters

Cold Days

Often when a series gets into the teens, the quality starts to wear down and you can see the author is just out of creative juice... This is not the case. After finishing this book and picked my jaw off the floor, I wished I had a time machine so I could blast into to get my hands on Book 15. It seriously was that good. It felt like all of the preceding books were leading up to this moment in Harry's life. It was amazing! James Marsters makes this series even better.


Title:         The Reckoning
Author:     Kelley Armstong
Series:       Darkest Powers, Book #3
Narrator:  Cassandra Morris

The Reckoning

This one is a bit of a stretch, since all of my other choices are adult books. But whatever, it's my list and it technically it counts. This is my favorite YA Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Trilogy to date and Derek Souza is everything! I couldn't tell you how many times I've reread the books and re-listened to the audiobooks.

Cassandra Morris also an excellent narrator. I love her in this and the Pretty Little Liars series.


Title:         Caressed by Ice
Author:     Nalini Singh
Series:       Psy/Changeling, Book #4
Narrator:  Angela Dawe

Caressed by Ice

Ermahgerd. Who would have known that someone with no emotion could be so sexy. I love Judd Lauren; he is such interesting, complex character.


Title:         Turn Coat
Author:     Jim Butcher
Series:       The Dresden File, Book #11
Narrator:  James Marsters

Turn Coat

This book was full of so many twists and turns, I felt like I was on a roller coaster. But it was one helluva great ride!


Title:         Spider's Revenge
Author:     Jennifer Estep
Series:       Elemental Assassin, Book #5
Narrator:   Lauren Fortgang

Spider's Revenge

I won't spoil it, but fans of the series will know why I picked this one. For anyone who doesn't know the premise, Gin Blanco is an assassin with elemental Ice and Stone magic. She protects her hometown, Ashland, up in the Appalachian Mountains   from supernatural baddies and also runs the Pork Pit, the best barbecue in town. 


Title:         Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors
Author:     Molly Harper
Series:       Jane Jameson, Book #
Narrator:   Amanda Ronconi

Nice Girls Don't Bite Their Neighbors

This was the first humorous Urban Fantasy series I tried. It was kind of nice that this was more lighthearted and snarky. I really like Harper's sense of humor.

I'd swear Amanda Ronconi is the long lost sister of Molly Harper. She does such a great job narrating this series, it sometimes feels like she wrote it. I get that that's her job, but it feels seamless to me. Ronconi gets Harper's humor spot on!


Title:         Kiss of Snow
Author:     Nalini Singh
Series:       Psy/Changeling, Book #10
Narrator:  Angela Dawe

Kiss of Snow

I had been waiting for this book for a long time. Hawke, Alpha of the SnowDancer changeling wolf pack, had intrigued me since is first appearance time and his story did not disappoint!


Title:         My Life as a White Trash Zombie
Author:     Diana Rowlands
Series:       White Trash Zombie, Book #1
Narrator:  Allison McLemore

My Life as a White Trash Zombie

I am not a fan of zombies. I'm a huge television fan, but I've never understood why people love The Walking Dead so much. I don't really get the appeal of zombies, honestly. That said, this fresh take on what zombies are appealed to me greatly. It's not your typical zombie story despite the cover. I'm not sure why they went in that direction, because it doesn't match the main cracterter one bit!

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  1. I've only read The Reckoning, but I love Kelley Armstrong. I definitely need to check some of the books on your list out. :)
    Thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier. :)

    1. Kelley is amazing! Are you watching Bitten? I am digging it so far.

      The rest of the books, are not only my favorite books of the genre but some of my favorite books period!

  2. The Reckoning! I read the Darkest Powers series so long ago, I miss it! I loved it so much! It was great seeing it on your list.

    1. You wouldn't believe how many times I've listened to the full audiobook series! I get the urge at least twice a year. I just love the characters and how all the relationships progressed. Felt natural.

  3. Great list here -- I really enjoyed the Kelley Armstrong The Reckoning series!

    1. Thank you. This series is also one of my favorite. I wish there was more :(

  4. Have you read Bloodshot by Cherie Priest. I loved it because it was funny too.

    1. No I haven't. Thanks for the recommendation! It had me with "...a kick-ass drag queen on her side", lol.

  5. Succubus Blues is fantastic. I really need to finish up that series.

    1. You really should. Love my girl Georgina and Seth M. is one of my all-time favorite book boyfriends, swoon! I like 'em nerdy.