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Audiobook Review: How the White Trash Zombie Got Her Groove Back (White Trash Zombie #4) by Diana Rowland

Genres: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Zombies
Format: Audiobook (Amazon | Audible)
Narrators: Allison McLemore
Length: 14 hours & 21 minutes
Release Date: July 1, 2014


It’s zombie versus zombie as the Saberton Corporation declares war against the Zombie Mafia, kidnapping several of their party. It falls to Angel to lead the remnants of her gang halfway across the country to claw their way through corporate intrigue, zombie drugs, and undead trafficking to rescue her friends—and expose the traitor responsible for their abduction...

Happy New Year, y'all! I kept my New Year's tradition of staying in and having my own personal readathon, so huzzah for making early progress toward my reading challenge goals this year!

FIRST IMPRESSION:: Thank gawd this book was published (as only 3 books were anticipated for this series)! I loved it. You get right back into the swing of things with Angel stumbling though her "mastery" of jujitsu.
THE STORY:: Overall, this was filled with a lot of action and I enjoyed that. I'm going to skip over a recap because what's more important is that the way it ends, in my opinion, leaves all kinds of doors open for Saberton to go coo coo crazy. What do they really have left to lose? Also, what will Jane do?

I'm pretty much over the relationship between Marcus and Angel. I'm glad that he did what he did to save her but I think his role is done. He's always come off as supporting Angel without really supporting her. I mean, yes he set her up with the job at the morgue but since then she's gotten promote and her GED. She's made good friends and a life for herself. And he just expects her to drop everything and not worry because "he'll find her a new job." Like she's incapable of doing it herself. Nah uh. That's not genuine love.

Call me crazy, but I'd love to see her with Brian. Well, then there's Nick who I'm growing both fonder and suspicious of. I loved that he came to her Dad's rescue but really? Nick? It's a bit far-fetched. And I agree, the house he lives in sounds suspicious... Anyway, I loved that the focus of this book settled on a lot of secondary characters. It was nice seeing every one's genuine care for Angel and what motivates them. I'm going to go all comic book with the lingo; this book had some awesome origin book stories in it. Both Pietro and Dr. N had really interesting stories, as did Kyle. Kyle's and Dr. N's where heartbreaking, but good.

While I did enjoy this book, there was something about the way Angel was portrayed that irked me. She just felt more like caricature of herself. She's completely turned her life around, so to see her portrayed as a "stereotypical "country bumpkin in the big city" annoyed me. An unnecessary regression of a well-developed character. I ESPECIALLY did not like the ending!!!! Not the conclusion of the this book's plot, but the very last action that took place after the dust settled. VERY un-Angel like. She's come to far for that... 

FINAL THOUGHTS:: I'm just wondering if Phillip is really "okay." Yes, his and Angel's issues were solved but what about him acting like a robot being controlled by someone else? That wasn't explained, was it???

RECOMMENDED FOR:: Paranormal lovers and newbies. It's light and fun, a good mix for all.

“"Zombie powers activate....”
― Angel

“I heard a low growl and realized it was coming from my own throat. Fuck the fear and fuck the insecurities. I was worth fighting for. Every woman was worth fighting for. Didn't matter if they were trash or addicts or rich or popular. Didn't matter if they dressed like a homeless waif, or in tight skirts and heels, or in jeans and flannel. No one deserved to feel hopeless and worthless the way this goddamn asshole wanted me to feel and, I had no doubt, made other girls feel.”
― Angel

I think Allison does an amazing job with this series. She brings so much energy, life and enthusiasm to Angel; I was surprised that her "typical narration" voice sounds more like the more serious characters in the story. If I had to single someone out, I'd say she sounds most like her portrayal of Brian. That said, I think she brings just the right amount of spunk and sass to Angel and it makes for a very enjoyable read every time!

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