Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thoughtful Thursday: Finished Reading! Now What?

I created Thoughtful Thursday, because bookish thoughts kept popping up in my mind while reading, and I wanted to explore these questions and get your opinions too! Each week, I will post a new bookish thought that I will discuss. 

This Week's Topic/Question:
What do you do with the books that you have read? Do you keep them? Donate them? Gift them? Return them to the library? Throw them away? Make them into arts & crafts projects? Has this changed during the years? Have you noticed a change in your perspective regarding read books?

My Answer:

Hello, my name is Page and I am a Book Hoarder. What do you mean what do I do with them when I am done? I keep them, of course!
The only books I consider donating and gifting are those I didn't like. Anything I like must be held on to for when I decide to read them again. Well, that's not 100% true; I give out audiobooks and ebooks because I don't actually have to part with my personal copy.

If I borrowed a book, I'd return it to the library or the lender. I'd hunt down the person who kept one of my books, so I wouldn't do that to anyone else.

My mom got stingy with all the arts and crafts talent. She actually makes book page wreaths out of recycled books. This is one of my favorites from her her first exhibition, called Whoo Whoo.
I'm thinking of asking her to make me a book cover purse!

I don't think my perspective has changed. I tend to keep things that mean something to me -- letters, toys from childhood, gifts from friends, etc. etc. Not surprising this habit extended to books.

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